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Script Research USP

The Script Archeologist Script Research USP is a unique service that we provide to writers, directors, producers, studios, archivists and industry specialists. Using our proprietary methods of unearthing the secrets in any concept We Can Help Your Story Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary.

We can dig up that obscure, buried fact to support your story. Our techniques & experience can help you in uncovering the development details & historical background for your story.


Is it for the setting for your story?
Obscure stats or accurate historical data?
Is it the legends & lore of your world you seek?
Perhaps the genealogy or culture for your characters?
Need that image so your Art Director can replicate that historic battle?
Seeking that obscure artists rendition of that 3rd century Samurai armor?

The Script Archeologist Script Research service can dig down through the many layers of informational sediment to unearth the secrets of that next great help you in your own Quest For The Golden Script!


The Script Archeologist Script Research Process

A vital element of storytelling is the background research that goes into story and character details, which is necessary for a story to move forward from conception to the actual writing of it. The Script Archeologist Script Research USP service offers the benefit of taking your story concept from 'one of the crowd' following a trend, to standing out and 'setting the trend'.

The resulting excavation works for you in support of your story concept in the placement and strength of key plot points. A weakness of concept ideas lend to problems that may result in the reader losing interest, being confused or a breakdown of the story movement. This helps the writer focus on those key plot points to ensuring that the script doesn't die in the reader’s hands.


The Script Archeologist Script Research Provides materials of all kinds

The types of materials that we can provide include:

historical materials for period pieces
details about workings of items
materials that allowed writers to authentically create the worlds of authentic and imaginary historical times and places
materials for writers and directors to accurately portray the world or worlds they are creating
materials for character research
background research on the complex corporate and social cultures


The Script Archeologist Story Research Plan

As part of our Story Research excavation, we develop a story research plan. It is a flowchart detailing the plot flow of artifacts and related contexts (informational concept elements or potential supportive story ideas features). It can either take the form of a "multi context" plan, which is drawn with many contexts on it to show relationships between these features (plot points) as part of some phase or alternatively a single context plan with a single feature is drawn. Excavated features are drawn in two dimensions though they features can be linear or non-linear. (Ex. non-linear feature is the use of flashbacks). Single context planning in the final draft is the norm. Multi-context plans are generally for early drafts.

Multi-context Plans as opposed to single context plans can be made of complete story arcs or individual plot points. Plan flowcharts have an interpretive function as well as being part of the writing process, because the writer makes conscious decisions about what should be included or emphasized.

Script clearance research is typically done on the shooting script. Script research is done during the creative development and at many points along production process. The Script Archeologist can help you with this at all stages.

For example, if you're developing a film about aliens taking over the world you might want the answers to the following questions:

• General Subject Research
Are aliens real? Would all aliens be bent on destroying all mankind? Would some be our allies? Are they robots or horrible monsters?

• Historical Research
When is the earliest literary reference to aliens? Which actors have already played aliens in movies? Has the recent trend in Hollywood been alien invasions?

• Intellectual Property Contacts
Does anyone own the rights to the title of the story you want to use? Is it public domain?

• Makes the difference between an ordinary story and a great story
While this is a simplified example, it shows the kind of background and general research that we can provide to help you create not only a more believable story, but separate yours from those that have come before it.

Recent prime examples of successful feature films and televisions series that benefited from technical advisors include the Star Trek© franchise and Silence of The Lambs©. For uncovering the 'Hidden Secrets' of making the difference between a story and a great story, The Script Archeologist Script Research Service can help you take your script to the level of success that these and many more have achieved.

All of The Script Archeologist story excavations start with a question. This question determines the research strategy - how the story is excavated and what type of information will be recorded. Recording everything would take forever! Writers usually don't have much money, and need to work efficiently to get the answers to their questions as efficiently as possible.

The Script Archeologist researchers look for context - how are characters, locations, story arcs, protagonists and antagonists related to one another?

The Script Archeologist researchers look at stratigraphy - the layers of intrigue and dramatic conflict in a story. The Script Archeologist's researchers are expert in fieldwork, excavating just the right reference materials quickly from libraries, Universities & historical institutes, publications, archives and various other research resources. We are willing to roll up our sleeves and get a little dirty.



Story Research (main service): $60.00 per hour (time for creation of story research plan may vary based on the length of your script, media of the project is being created for, [film, video game etc.] and stage of most current draft) Contact Us to discuss details and time frame.

• In-depth search for concept or story support materials (For photos, images & video, materials inquire about our Visual Reference Research service below)
• We develop a story research plan. It is a flowchart detailing the plot flow of your script, including story arc and alternate arcs if our service will be providing story development idea support
• 1/2 hour consultation on benefits of our Dedicated Online Project Web site for your project.
• A one hour phone consultation (or two half hours)
• A month to bounce around new ideas via email

PURCHASE Story Research Hourly Service:

Story Research Plan (flowchart using most recent script draft): $100 - $500.00

• Detailed flowchart of your script with explanation of results and flowchart terminology key
• Multiple layered layout design of flowchart including for story arcs, character arcs
• Using series of questions and answers to plot the movement of your script
• All data provided in digital form
• 14 days Email communications free with this service.
• 1 hour - 4 hours consultation included based on level of complexity and time requirements (reflected in the fee rate range charged) Ex. 1 hour for at $100.00 level to 4 hours for $500.00 level

• Data provided in hardcopy form for additional fee of $50.00 to cover time and materials

PURCHASE Story Research Plan Base Fee:
PURCHASE Story Research Plan Max Fee:
PURCHASE Story Research Plan hard copy:

Visual Reference Research
$60.00 per hour (not including any item acquisition fees)

• The Script Archeologist finds images and stock footage for all types of projects.
• Industry professionals including art directors, costume designers and game designers, personnel creating treatments, and other visual presentations can take advantage of our services.

Add to Cart and Change Quantity to purchase more than one hour.

NOTE: In most cases additional costs incurred collecting visual materials are passed on to the client. Prior to collection of these items, consultation and signed agreements with the client are arranged.

PURCHASE Visual Reference Research Hourly Service:

Annotations ('In The Margin'):
$60.00 per hour

Annotation, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Extra information associated with a particular point in a document or other piece of information. Most commonly this is used, for example, in draft documents, where another reader has written notes about the quality of a document at a certain point, "in the margin". Annotations about bibliographical sources, labeled annotated bibliographies, give descriptions about how each source is useful to an author in constructing a paper or argument. Creating these blurbs, usually a few sentences long, establishes a summary for and expresses the relevance of each source prior to writing.

• Our annotations attempt to give enough information to make a decision as to whether or not to read the complete work.
• We provide a descriptive annotation describing the content of the work without judging it, pointing out distinctive features.

Add to Cart and Change Quantity to purchase more than one hour.

PURCHASE Annotations Hourly Service:

Add to Cart and Change Quantity to purchase more than one hour.

Dedicated Online Project Web Site (development materials): Site Setup $300.00

• Password Protected web site for your project
• Provide name specific email accounts for your project
• Upload large files for viewing, downloading and sharing (scripts, pdf files, photos, audio materials, digitized multi-media materials
• All data will be categorized for ease of access and editing
• Email communications free with monthly site fees.
• 2 hours consultation included with dedicated online web site project

Additional features of the site include: Links to sites appropriate to your project that we have 'uncovered' as part of your purchased Script Research service.

• Monthly site updating fee: $45.00

NOTE: Fees for this service are two-fold. There is an initial cost of setup and a monthly holding fee that includes paying for updating of information.

PURCHASE Dedicated Online Project Web Site:
PURCHASE Monthly site updating fee:

Research Consultations: $60.00 per hour

Initial 1 hour consultation included in all purchased services.

Don't wait now that you've chosen to take advantage of our unique Script Research services. Email us or phone to arrange a consultation. We provide either a face-to-face meeting (if you are local to us) or a conference call in which to discuss how to utilize our services. During the initial consultation we will cover details including the type of service you need, pricing & your budget, why you are hiring a script consultant, and your goal for the project. Additional important issues we cover include your writing experience and experience with any other script consultants along with what you want from a script consultant. The purpose of the call is to get to know not only you the writer, but your story.

Add to Cart and Change Quantity to purchase more than one hour.

PURCHASE Research Consultations Hourly Service:




Turnaround Times

· Story Research: varies from next day and up [contact us to discuss times]
Story Research Plan: 1-2 weeks
Visual Reference Research: varies from same day and up [contact us to discuss times]
Annotations: 1 week
Dedicated Online Project Web Site: next day to 1 week
Research Consultations: call to book times

Rush service  
· RUSH Story Research: $20/hr
· RUSH Story Research Plan Basic: $100 (3 days)
· RUSH Story Research Plan Max: $200 (1 week)
· RUSH Visual Reference Research: $20/hr
· RUSH Annotations: $20/hr (3 days)
· RUSH Dedicated Online Project Web Site: $75 (next day)
· RUSH Research Consultations: $20/hr
based on priority and available times

Note: All Rush Service fees are in addition to package rates.



Why Choose The Script Archeologist?

• Over 10 years of researching experience

• Competitive Rates on projects of all sizes

• Quick Turnaround Time:

1-3 business days (longer for more in-depth research and non-urgent searches)
1 day on specific & targeted information uncovered on a single subject

Discounted Rates for non-urgent searches (10% off rates when you don't need the information for at least 10 days)

In-depth & detailed reports on findings using proprietary search techniques!



Principles of Literary Stratigraphy


Story Concept Stratification is the dynamic sequencing or progression of the details of a story's concept during the process of storytelling.

In Script Research, especially in the course of excavating obscure and unique story ideas, stratification is a paramount and base concept. It is largely based on the Principle of Superposition. As it applies to writing, the Principle of Superposition states that layers of story concept creation follow a time sequence, with an ordering of the story writing process.

When concept elements are below the surface of the story (as is most commonly the case), the identification of the context of each hidden story 'find' is vital in enabling the writer to draw conclusions about the information's use in improving the story concept. It is The Script Archaeologist's role to discover what contexts exist and how they can be used to benefit the writer's concept, by advancing the story from Fade In to Fade Out.

Example of story concept stratification (or sequence) of the author's creative process:

• aliens
• invasion of planet by aliens
• robot aliens
• intent of invaders to enslave population over choice to have them seek annihilation of humans
• .....
• aliens defeated by earth virus over humans developing weapon.

[Note: this is a loose detail of how the story concept of War of The Worlds by H.G.Wells, could have been developed.]

In our above example this is the process of taking the story's concept of aliens, through the evolution of the creative brainstorming process, to deciding that the story will be about aliens invading earth to the final choice of the invaders being defeated by nature itself instead of by the hand of man.

This type of script research is billed at an hourly rate, plus any telephone and online database expenses incurred. Please CONTACT US with your specific needs or for more information regarding our service.



Combining story contexts for interpretation

Understanding a story in modern storytelling is a process of grouping single contexts together in ever larger groups by virtue of their relationships. The common terminology of these larger clusters include the terms interface, sub-group, and phase.

An example of a paralleling interface, OR STORY (archeology) of a sub-group could be the three contexts that make up a character (burial); the consistencies & paradoxes (grave), the psychology (body), and the backstory (back-filled earth on top of the body). Sub-groups can then be clustered together with other sub-groups by virtue of their stratigraphic relationship to form groups, which in turn form "phases."

A sub-group character could cluster with other sub-group character to form a friendship (cemetery), which in turn could be grouped with a fraternity, such as a student executive, to produce a " phase".

Phase implies a nearly contemporaneous character horizon, representing "what you would see if you went back to time X". The production of phase interpretations is the first goal of stratigraphic interpretation and excavation.

This builds the relationships between the characters or other story elements, which need to be present to determine potential conflicts and to expand character dimensionality.



The Script Archeologist is NOT A SCRIPT CLEARANCE COMPANY. We DO NOT provide script clearance for scripts. The service of script clearance is beyond the scope of our services.

What is SCRIPT CLEARANCE and what benefits do SCRIPT CLEARANCE's provide?

Script Clearance provides the benefit of satisfying Error and Omissions insurance requirements. Numerous things including names of characters, businesses, schools, organizations, product names, and locations are checked. Materials that may be protected, including (but not limited to) film clips, books, photographs or artwork, proposed prop use and/or dialogue could result in serious financial and reputation damage if proper permission is not acquired before they are used in a production.


For more information on all our services, be sure to view our services on the various pages in our site. For consultations contact us. The Script Archeologist team looks forward to hearing from you to answer all your questions and to provide you with the highest quality services.

A complete listing of all our Services and their associated Fees. The consulting fees paid by credit card via PAYPAL or MONEY ORDER (pre-received & received bank clearance). UNCOVER MORE!



Discover What's Buried Beneath Your Script's Story ...


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