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The Archeologist's Dig is a treasure trove of industry information for scriptwriters, screenwriters, history geeks and anyone that finds obscure and interesting facts, tips and hints useful. Here you will uncover valuable articles, links, trailers and writing help that will make you more informed about the film, TV and literary industry. With frequent updates, visitors will want to come back again and again.




Our newsletter THE SCRIPT DIG LETTER, we will reveal what we have unearthed from the industry along with what is New and Up Coming at The Script Archeologist. As well, it will be a vehicle to promote our Associates and Affiliates. Special Announcements, Promotions, Writing Contests (and their winners) and other marketing opportunities will be featured so we can bring the most to you, our loyal readers in an effort to help you to become the best you can be and to help write the best story you can. We will also feature our own products.


Do you have a mailing list and how can I sign up?
Yes, The Script Archeologist does feature a mailing list. You can sign up for it after any purchase of any of our services. As part of the payment process you will be taken to a Mailing List optional Sign Up page. Once there simply fill in the Opt In box with the requested information. Within minutes you will receive an email requesting you to confirm your interest in joining our Mailing List. Simply reply to the email and your in.

Can I advertise on The Script Dig Letter newsletter?
If you wish to market your service through our newsletter THE SCRIPT DIG LETTER, we'll be excited to work with you to promote your web site, contest, service or industry related product. Email us:


Popular Media

Our Popular Media page covers all aspects related to writing for other popular medium including Video Gaming & writing for novels and other manuscript materials.

Check out our Reference Page, which covers common and not so common industry terms. Amaze your industry friends with added knowledge and expand your industry vocabulary.



Here we will feature industry articles from notable people and publications and links to interviews done by famous and industry related people.

Short excerpts from these articles will be listed below with links to the full article and to where it first appeared. Credits listed are for the author and date of publication.



Here we will unearth and discuss information on topics that are important to writers, readers, industry newbees and gurus alike.

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We encourage you to return often to THE SCRIPT DIG to find the answers to questions regarding every aspect of the film, television, comic book, publishing and multimedia industries relating to What's New, What's become Standard, What's Upcoming and What's Important in those industries and to those working in them.



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The Script Archeologist's Links page is a resource of links to industry sites from all walks of life in the world of writing.


Reference Terms

Check out our Reference Page, which covers common and not so common industry terms. Amaze your industry friends with added knowledge and expand your industry vocabulary.


For more information on all our services, be sure to view our services on the various pages in our site. For consultations contact us. The Script Archeologist team looks forward to hearing from you to answer all your questions and to provide you with the highest quality services.

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