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About The Script Archeologist

Our Mission Statement

As a script consultant and research service provider, the mission of The Script Archeologist™ is to maximize the potential of YOU, our clients through your scripts and talents by providing remarkable service to create remarkable products.

By conducting business at The Script Archeologist™ with integrity, authenticity and enthusiasm while delivering 5 Star Service, we provide the best possible environment for people to succeed, and exceed their expectations. By being remarkable we help you to grow as you never thought possible, to achieve your own remarkable success.


Our Core Values

Consulting at The Script Archeologist™ is built on the foundation of 3 principles:

· Building a Remarkable Reputation on Integrity
· Providing a Remarkable Product That The Right People Seek Out
· Helping Others Achieve Their Own Remarkable Success

Beginning with our professionally designed web site that serves as our marketing vehicle in which to flagship The Script Archeologist™ brand, we are making accessible to those that need it and seek it an archive of information. It includes useful links, articles, products and access to resources that can make the difference to our client’s spec script or project. We've included a shopping cart for Swag articles and products for novice & expert writers as well as industry professionals.


About The Script Archeologist

Discover What's Buried Beneath Your Script's Story.™

The Script Archeologist™ provides a unique, comprehensive Script Consulting service site. Using our proprietary methods of unearthing the secrets in any concept, We Can Help Your Story Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary. We dig up obscure, (and often) buried facts to support your story. Our techniques and experience in uncovering the development details and historical background for your backstory are available to work for you.

To benefit our clients we have begun making inroads into the Canadian & US industry to better make potential clients aware of our services. We have begun to enter into joint ventures with our industry network of consultants and writers as well as related industry specialists that support and complement our services.


Our Approach to Consultation

Firstly, we need to make it clear what we are NOT: We are not an Agent or a Manager. We are not a Producer. We are not deal with production, budgets, or casting, at all. We are not a “referral service” that you hire to get your work into the hands of professionals. IT IS TO BE UNDERSTOOD THAT, THE SCRIPT ARCHEOLOGIST™ (including its associates and employees), HAS NOT BEEN, DOES NOT CLAIM TO BE & IS NOT AN AGENCY. WE REPRESENT CLIENTS ONLY IN THE CAPACITY OF PROVIDING SCRIPT CONSULTING SERVICES. (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO FILM, TV, VIDEO GAME DESIGNERS, MANUSCRIPT FOR NOVELS, RESEARCHING FOR STORY CONCEPT & INDUSTRY SPECIALISTS AND STUDIO PERSONNEL)

The Script Archeologist™ provides a comprehensive overview of your script, first pointing out all its strengths, zeroing in on the areas that need work. We won’t just tell you what's wrong with your script - we tell you how to fix it.

The Script Archeologist™ offers not only several specific solutions, but also provides effective suggestions/ guidelines for re-structuring to help you craft your own solution, and avoid making the same mistake in the future. Helping you develop more compelling characters is very important.

It is always part of what we do to thoroughly research the client’s subject matter. As an added value service & benefit to our clients we perform and intensive study of background material so as to give qualified as well as quantitative analysis. This feature of our service is never charged to our client as it is simply a practice that is not only necessary but beneficial to all involved. Gaining an extensive familiarity with the gaming industry, script development for games, and background research on your products & business history is an ongoing process that we are involved in.

You contact us to help you write the best story that you can.  Without obligation, you send us an e-mail stating the service you require. By e-mail/phone we come to an Agreement BEFORE you send any material for assessment, or any money. We issue you a REFERENCE NUMBER with the Agreement. Once your payment receives bank clearance we will accept submission of your materials.

1. We make no warrants, promises or guarantees that you will sell your screenplay as a result of our services.
2. Please be mindful that analysis is necessarily subjective.
3. Keep a master copy of all work submitted.
4. We will perform the services we agree upon in a timely manner; see turnaround times based on service provided.
5. Fees are non-refundable.
6. Please enclose a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) with sufficient postage for return of your material.
7. All material you submit must be in a recognized screenplay "format", 12 point font (preferably Courier) unless employing our Typesetting Services.
8. We guarantee straight to the point, well-structured, honest criticism. Be suspicious of any screenplay service that offers you less.
9. Our credits are available upon request. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information, which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore not be accepted.

Terms of Use:

For our Terms of Use information



The design of this website is copyright Progeny Designs.  Do not copy or reproduce them in any form without explicit permission.  Every non-authorized use, wherever it is commercial or non-commercial is prohibited and will be prosecuted.  This in particular means the illegal copying and use wherever in electronic or print-publication, of the information shown on this website.  The Script (created and run by Progeny Designs) provides script analysis & related consulting services to our users. We are committed to protecting the safety and security of its online visitors and are sensitive to our user's concerns about the safety of the personal information provided to us. We encourage all our users to read this Privacy Statement carefully in order to understand how any personal information collected about you is used...

The Script Archeologist does not disclose any personal information except to those that help it provide technical, administrative and data processing services (including hosting, billing, affiliate tracking, fulfillment, and data storage and security) “Affiliated Parties”.

For more information regarding our Privacy Policies




For more information on all our services, be sure to view our services on the various pages in our site. For consultations contact us. The Script Archeologist team looks forward to hearing from you to answer all your questions and to provide you with the highest quality services.

A complete listing of all our Services and their associated Fees. The consulting fees paid by credit card via PAYPAL or MONEY ORDER (pre-received & received bank clearance). UNCOVER MORE!



Discover What's Buried Beneath Your Script's Story ...

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